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Support the local Guy - T-Shirt

Support the local Guy - T-Shirt

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Take a stand and show your support for the local guy with the 200 Brady Street T-Shirt. Make a statement against red light and speed cameras by wearing this shirt. The QR code on the back will spread awareness and spark interesting conversations. Together, let's turn 200 Brady Street into a global business.


 Think about it. Who is really at fault here? Is it fair to hold an individual responsible for an action they may not have committed, without concrete evidence? Which legal principle is more just: "Owner's liability charge" or "Presumption of Innocence until proven guilty"? How is it possible that red light cameras can accurately capture a license plate in any weather, but somehow can't capture the offender? It's time to question the technology. Make a bold statement with this shirt and support the local guy!

Shameless plug: Do what you love, help me create this business and own it with me. I don't want you money. I want your passion. Lets collaborate!


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